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Simulating the Future of Propulsion with OpenFOAM

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In this episode, we dive into the cutting-edge world of propulsion technology. Our guest, Dr. Jozsef Nagy, is a leading expert in the field of computational fluid dynamics and the open-source simulation platform OpenFOAM.

Together with our host, Alfred Belen, they will explore a revolutionary new propulsion concept that uses compressed gas within a closed container to generate thrust. We’ll delve into the complexities of simulating real-world conditions, including material properties, thermal effects, and more.

But we’ll also discuss the potential benefits of this system, including the ability to use different gases and how this would affect thrust production. And, of course, we’ll be talking about the all-important thrust calculation.

Are you ready for a journey into the future of propulsion technology?

Tune in to this episode of Jets in Space and discover the possibilities that await us in the world of compressed gas propulsion. With Dr. Jozsef Nagy’s expertise in OpenFOAM, this episode is bound to be an engaging and informative listen that will have you wanting to know more.

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